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Cool Apps that save your time

Just hit "Alt+Enter" and fireup your app. Recognizes all installed apps and adapts itself.

Tomboy Notes
Use a shortcut like "Shift<F1>" and you paste your notes with a heading. Press Esc and forget about it(automatically saved). You  can get it along with  all the other notes with another shortcut key.

GTD Timer
The best timer/reminder app I have seen till date. Trial version.. 😦 Inspired to write my own app based on this. Design already done!

Windows Live Writer
Again the best for maintaining multiple blogs! Surprising to see such a product from MS. I think most of us have it installed with  as part of "Windows Live"

Google Chrome
Those willing to try it..can go ahead..very excellent interface..except "on the fly bookmarks" 😦 Badly missing this feature.


This piece of software from greeneclipse software is a real gem. The UI is good  and has a very high usability index.